Travel is the Path to Freedom

12 September 2016

Day 2 of Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge is all about finding your WHY. We started with reflecting on … What lights us up, energisers us, speaks to our souls & makes our hearts sing. Here’s what we found …

Downsizing, packing up & renting our home was the most liberating experience for us. We were no longer constrained by tangible attachments to things we had collected along the way. This also applied mentally … we now travel with less emotional baggage too!

Travel has taught us many things … most importantly … understanding & appreciating differences. This is a wonderful gift cause it leads to compassion, acceptance & love.

When you sow the seeds of love … you harvest harmony

Imagine what we could do together if we all adopted this mindset & way of being? So many of the judgments & conflicts we are witnessing around the world would loose their power & impact. We would be focusing on how we could lift each other up vs tearing each other down!

Every day we are amazed at the generosity & trust that extends to us. To all the generous strangers along the way … thank you … you have enriched our lives & eased our travel mishaps.

Time loses its hold

When you step out from the established patterns & behaviors of your home life … you can find your own natural rhythm & flow. In doing so … time releases its hold on you. Its a bit like holidaying on a tropical island … you adopt island time. All the stresses & strains just slide away. Your shoulders loosen, your neck relaxes & a comfy smile lightens your face!

The difference with long term travel … you can adopt it as a permanent way of being. You have the space to make different choices free from obligation, guilt or judgment.

‘Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place’ – Rumi


House sitting & volunteering allows us to integrate into local life. This is where the greatest delights can be found … cheeky banter with the stall owners in the weekly markets, sampling goodies from pop up shops, riding local buses & trains, laughing with tradesmen as you struggle to understand the problem & each other, helping kids with their English homework, getting lost over & over again. These day to day dilemmas that would often be a drag at home … take on a whole new character & form of entertainment. The key difference being our mindset … we are slow to judge & we take the time to understand, notice & delight in theses interactions.

Wisdom of Nature

We are at our happiest & most harmonious when we’re nestled in nature. Whether its rural, jungle, desert, riverside, mountainside or beach side. Our souls sing when we are in these spaces. Clarity & creativity prevail … Gaye with her photography … me with my writing. Mother Nature inspires us both & shares her wisdom about life, love & humanity. To get a daily dose … check us out on Instagram @curlygirliestravel or @lincoln_speaks

Inhale Freedom

You can’t beat the wind in your hair as you bike around Asia, hang out the local trains in Sri Lanka, climb the majestic mountains of China, amble through the vineyards of the Douro Valley Portugal, wonder at the spectacular sunrises in Bagan Myanmar & marvel at the ancient engineering feats of Petra Jordan. Standing open heartedly in all these amazing places allows you to inhale freedom & exhale constraint & struggle. The bigger picture of the wonders of our world grounds you & gives you incredible perspective. Particularly as you take in the plight of those who are less fortunate than you & they still beam their toothless smiles!

DSC09181 (1280x853)

Speaking our Why

Once we had uncovered the shiny gems that made are hearts & soul sing … we were ready to state our WHY. Upon Natalie’s advice … we followed Simon Sineks formula around … ‘What is your contribution & impact?’ Here’s what we came up with …

‘To immerse ourselves in the wisdom of nature & the many difficult cultures of the world so that we may grow in compassion, love & understanding for all’.

Sharing our joy & insight that flows from this is our gift back to those we meet. If you would like to be a part of this join us here.

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