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Seychelles a Perfect Picture of Paradise

As the plane banks to align with the approaching runway, we catch our first glimpse of Mahe Island. Nothing prepares you for the breathtaking contrast of colour … aqua blue water, gleaming white sand, variegated greens of the coco der mer palms interspersed with masses of purple & orange bougainvilleas. As a backdrop steep granite […]

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Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Anais Nin

The Falcon Day Spa Abu Dhabi

  It’s midway through the hunting season & the waiting room is packed with patients … Peregrines, Sakers & Gyr falcons sit patiently. Their gem encrusted hoods keep them calm & the tethers on the benches keep them stationary. Their little heads moving as they process the sounds of 30+ people shuffling into their space. […]

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12 Magical Moments in Myanmar

We had so many magical moments in Myanmar … it was hard to choose our top 12 … Selfies with the village kids outside Hsipaw … they had never seen a camera before! Drinking in the first rays of sunrise on our own private pagoda in Bagan Marvelling at the one legged rowers on Inle Lake […]

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Bikes, Boats & The Bamboo Hut at Inle Lake Myanmar

Today’s adventure was to explore the surrounds of Inle Lake. So we jumped on our bikes from Thu Thu rental, a wallet breaking $1.50 each for the day. We weaved our way thru the local traffic & roads (maps are of little use as no roads are marked in English). Following a vague sense of […]

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Our Top 11 Hits for Hsipaw Myanmar

Hsipaw is a beautiful small town in northern Myanmar, previously known for its trekking to remote villages. It was once reserved for the intrepid traveller but now has become accessible for those wanting time out from the tourist trail. It provides a warm welcoming village type atmosphere with everything available within one square km. A […]

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Riverside Relaxation

Here we sit on the banks of the Duthawadi River (Hsipaw, Myanmar), sipping our freshly brewed lemon grass tea. We’ve found a friendly spot called the Black House Coffee Shop. It serves a range of teas, coffees & freshly made banana bread. The perfect place to just stop & be. Relaxing here, there is nothing […]

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Respite in Downtown Yangon

Its 38C with 87% humidity Sweat pools in every crevice Dripping from every point on your body You weave your way through the throngs of people Mindful of the broken side walk One wrong move will plunge you Into the slightly stinky sewers Everyone scrambles for the shady side of the street So you’re all […]

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Beautiful Burmese Culture

The moment we stepped foot in Myanmar (Burma) we knew it would be special. The airport was calm, immigration officers smiled & laughed as we were ushered into a world of the past. Myanmar is on the cusp of an avalanche of tourism but having spent the last 4 weeks with these beautiful people I […]

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Paradise … Place or Feeling?

Paradise … Is it a place we visit or a feeling that emanates from within? Is it the … Crystal clear aqua blue waters that lap your freshly painted toes Soft white sand that that supports you on your morning run or walk Brilliant sunsets that blow your mind with colour Illuminous intimacy of sunrise […]

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