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International House Sitting – The Top 6 Questions we get Asked

When people discover we’ve been traveling for 29 months they smile & usually ask the following questions… How can you afford to travel for so long? 3 things give us the ability & liberty to travel long term … We rent our home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Half the rent goes on the mortgage […]

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House Sitting Spain Feeding Out

House Sitting a Spanish Manor

Living on the Land … Spanish Manor Style It’s important to know what you are looking for when applying for house sits. We have 5 factors that guide our selection: Unique locations or opportunities Expatriate families undergoing a sea change or overseas for business Strong unlimited wifi Non touristic & non English speaking destinations Close […]

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From Sea 2 Tea – The Amazing Sri Lanka … Here’s 18 Highlights to Tempt You

Sri Lanka was full of surprise & delight. We kept asking ourselves … why has it taken us so long to visit this beautiful island? It has so much going for it … National Parks teeming with wildlife & bird life, accessible herds of elephants, pristine beaches, amazing highlands full of tea plantations, friendly happy […]

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Shower Cap Travel Tips

Shower Cap Travel Hacks … 13 Uses for Travelers

I used to mock the humble shower cap. It was a useless item in my books, especially having short hair. Being on the road for 26 months I now have a healthy new respect for this essential travel item. We always with a stash of disposable shower caps that we have saved from our hotel […]

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Flip Flops That Inspire

Traveling gives you great exposure to so many wonderful social enterprise efforts around the globe. Every day we see examples of how one person CAN make a BIG difference … especially when the cause is near & dear to their hearts. As part of our travel adventures we would like to create awareness & help […]

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Tuk Tuk Tour Lisu Village Myanmar

Our Tuk Tuk Tour to the Lisu Village was organised by the lovely Lily. She runs Hotel Lily The Home in Hsipaw. It’s the best place to stay if you want to experience the feel of being part of a Myanmar family, cause that’s how Lily makes you feel … part of the family. She […]

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Demonstrations in Istanbul

You know you’re in Istanbul when you see the riot squad assembling in the city centre (even if they are looking a little casual). Our housesitting hosts advised us to take off in the opposite direction if we saw this happening. Apparently water cannons & tear gas can be the norm if the crowd gets […]

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P is for Plitvice Lakes Croatia

A true hidden gem of this world, less than 2 hours from Zagreb. The stunning Plitvice Lakes has left the most vibrant collection of images in our minds. A feast for the eyes & natural nectar for the soul. Luscious lime green growth that pops against the bluest of blue waters. 16 Aqua blue lakes […]

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Long Haired Ladies of Longji

Childlike legs Scamper through the terraces Loaded to the hilt The Red Yao women Are featherweight champions Carrying 50 – 60 kgs At any one time They set a cracking pace As they hike you to your hotel Unassuming shoulders Unburden by their load Stand tall & proud Their innate strength A trademark of their […]

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Time to Celebrate & Reflect

Wow what an action packed 10 days its been on the Freedom Plan Blog Challenge. A big thank you to Natalie Sisson for putting together such an awesome kick starter program. A second big thank you to our friends at who put us onto the challenge … brilliant! So many insights & realisations in […]

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