Top 10 Memorable Moments

16 January 2016

Often we get we asked the question, what has been your best experience? It’s a hard question to answer as every place is unique, and has something wonderful to offer and share. What a makes a moment memorable for us is the feeling it creates… you know the one you get when you feel like you just belong.

Gaye’s 5 Memorable Moments …

Travel Train Sri Lanka – Buses and trains are one of our favourite modes of public transport. It’s one of the best ways to interact with the locals and see life through their eyes and to see the countryside. Our journey in Sri Lanka was one of these special moments. Due to purchasing our tickets late, our seats were in 3rd class… windows jammed open and hard seats for 8 hours. Perfect! Fresh air and the smell of nature, plus when you stop at a station, you have your own private cafeteria window through which street food is served.

sri lanka train

Sunrise on Inle Lake Myanmar – This is one of those moments when you appreciate the diversity of our cultures. Myanmar was a special place, with an authentic feel. Men wear Longi’s and chew bettle nut, women and children wear a type of clay face paint as makeup and protection from the sun. To us it seems like not much has changed over the last few decades but to them and their new government things are changing at a frantic pace. One of my memorable moments in Myanmar was seeing the sunrise from the middle of the lake. From dark to dawn, the first light over the mountain range colours the lake in the most spectacular way. Tiny ripples under the boat rock you in a gentle motion… and as the sunrises you can see the daily rituals performed by the Intha fisherman. Everything just flows, everything is connected.

DSC04820 (1280x455)

Motor Bikes in Asia – The best way to get down and dirty with the locals in Asia is the motorbike experience, not only is it affordable its super FUN (well for me anyway, Jen I’m not so sure as she is the driver and safety officer). It is such an adrenaline rush… negotiating pot holes, riding in the slip stream of a truck that has just over taken you at 100km, weaving through the cows and buffalo that roam the local village, getting lost, getting found, battling to get home before the tropical storm hits (and not making it), revving the engine at traffic lights and scaring the crap out of the locals. And now with the new purchase of the selfie stick, Jen has to do all of the above plus smile whilst I’m taking pics.

gaye bike

Kamalaya Koh Samui Thailand – Travel is the best teacher, watching and learning from different communities, leads you to think about your own life. Retreating at Kamalaya was the perfect time to take a breather and reflect on what has been. It was an opportunity to shift some self-limiting beliefs and learn about the bigger picture. A wonderful shared experience and connection with a great group of new found friends.


Turkey Road Trip – On the road again! Four wheels, not quite the adrenaline rush as two, but still a wonderful way to explore. From the glamorous coastline to small cosy country villages, calcified mineral lakes and magnificent sunrises over the ‘fairy chimneys’ in central Anatolia. Turkey has it all. Driving through narrow cobblestoned streets and giving way to donkeys and other farm animals always makes me smile. As does the smell of the freshly baked bread and pastries that waft on by.

DSC09033 (1280x571)

Jen’s 5 Memorable Moments …

Sunrise in Bagan Myanmar – The morning magic light with its hazy hues & fog fingers celebrating the new day. You feel your soul’s connection with the heart of of this wonderful world.

DSC03801 (1280x561)

Living like a Local – Eating, drinking, walking, sleeping … it’s the simple pleasures shared with new & different faces that brings you joy & understanding.

DSC04086 (1280x947)

On Safari in Udawalawe National Park Sri Lanka – Feeling vibrant & alive as we hung out with a large herd of elephants feeding & looking after their young. Such a privilege to be accepted into their trusted space.

DSC01187 (1280x736)

Exploring Plitvice Lakes Croatia – Surprised & delighted by this stunningly beautiful hidden gem … 16 aqua blue lakes framed by lime green growth, waterfalls & travertine terraces … Mother Nature at her best!


Marvelling at the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia Turkey – This mind blowing ‘alien’ landscape of honeycomb hills & cone shaped rock formations tells an ancient story of survival. Volcanic eruptions & lava flows from the Bronze Age created soft seams that the cave dwellers carved out to form underground cities. Erosion & the elements has created the irregular cone shapes we see today. The landscape is so otherworldly it has been used as the set in Star Wars. It’s harsh rugged beauty is like no other other place on earth!


So many memorable moments & experiences to choose from … we could have listed 50!

It goes without saying that the whole 12 months has been heighten by sharing the experience with each other, family, friends, our house sit home owners and their beautiful pets and homes. It’s certainly a new way of living for us and we look forward to what the next 12 months brings. Bring it on!


  1. Comment by Vicky L

    Vicky L Reply 4 February 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Yeah, go girls. Keep spreading the magic.

  2. Comment by Leisa Nash

    Leisa Nash Reply 25 January 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Your adventures are inspirational, keep sharing

  3. Comment by Alan

    Alan Reply 24 January 2016 at 12:22 pm

    Good one Jen & Gaye

  4. Comment by Emma

    Emma Reply 24 January 2016 at 11:13 am

    Thankyou for sharing your life adventures with us. Looking forward to reading all about your next few years of travel highlights/tips. ?

  5. Comment by Rhonda KeenasEver

    Rhonda KeenasEver Reply 24 January 2016 at 10:53 am

    Loving living this amaze balls trip with you.

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