Time to Celebrate & Reflect

19 September 2016

Wow what an action packed 10 days its been on the Freedom Plan Blog Challenge. A big thank you to Natalie Sisson for putting together such an awesome kick starter program. A second big thank you to our friends at Inadventureland.com who put us onto the challenge … brilliant!

So many insights & realisations in such a short time, plus the focus & momentum that is created … it’s really juiced us up!

On reflection … the power is in the start! One of my favourite sayings is ‘start how you want to finish!’. We did exactly that … FOCUSED! Day 1 was all about Finding Your Focus & becoming aware of the hurdles that were in the way. Day 2 was about Finding Your WHY & tapping into your inspiration. This becomes your driving force & fuel. So FOCUS, FUEL & DRIVING FORCE is how we started with a big bang!

Another important piece of the puzzle came on Day 5 when we had to address how we would set ourselves up for success. This is important for any individual & doubly important for a working & traveling couple. It was the perfect opportunity to align our focus & divide & conquer the key things that need to be done.

Overall, one of the best challenges we’ve taken part in … so well done Natalies Sisson & crew … brilliant efforts thank you.

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