Shower Cap Travel Hacks … 13 Uses for Travelers

3 April 2017

Shower Cap Travel Tips

I used to mock the humble shower cap. It was a useless item in my books, especially having short hair.

Being on the road for 26 months I now have a healthy new respect for this essential travel item. We always with a stash of disposable shower caps that we have saved from our hotel stays. Here’s what we use them for …

1. Shoe Covers – Flip flops, trekkers, runners, sandals … all our shoes are wrapped in shower caps. It keeps the rest of the gear in our bags clean.

2. Chip, Nut or Cracker Bowl – on a plane, train or hotel room, you come across some of the grubbiest surfaces. The shower cap bowl makes it easy to share without contamination!

3. Food Covers – so many countries are becoming more environmentally friendly now they are stopping the use of plastic bags. So when our supply of snap lock bags run out we turn to shower caps to cover or contain leftovers

4. Wet Weather Gear – we always have a couple of shower caps tucked away in our day packs in case we are caught out in the rain. They become great wet weather gear for your iphone, ipad or camera. Useful when you’re boating too & you need to protect year tech gear from spray.

5. TV Remote Cover – research says the hotel remote has more germs than the toilet seat … sobering fact. Use the shower cap as a cover for the remote & you wont have to cringe again.

6. Melon Protector – Water melons are a staple diet for us. They can be messy to store & transport. We now use a shower cap to stop the juices leaking everywhere. Same deal for other melons, pawpaw & papaya.

7. Bike Seat Cover – Say goodbye to ‘soggy crutch’ … so many times we’ve been caught in afternoon showers when we’re out biking … no more!

8. Cold Pack – For those times when you need to ice an injury, a shower cap can save the day.

9. Ipad Protector – Sick of sticky fingers on the ipad when you’re cooking? We love cooking when we house sit … so now we have an easy way to keep the ipad clean when we are cooking up a storm.

10. Dripping Tap – Dripping taps & showers keep you awake all night! Use a shower cap & rubber band / string to enclose the shower head or tap & you’ll be catching zzzz before you know it!

11. Travel Vase – Even when we are on the road we love to buy fresh flowers from the local markets. We keep them fresh with a little water in a shower cap & a rubber band.

12. Wet Swimmers – How many times do you hang by the pool after check out? Grab a shower cap & you have an instant wet pack.

13. Pooper Scooper – for those emergency times when you’re pet sitting & you run out of doggy bags.

Got any other uses or ideas … leave a comment below & we’ll add it to the list.



  1. Comment by Cheryl Garcia

    Cheryl Garcia Reply 19 June 2017 at 5:33 pm

    Marvelous tips, many of which I had not read before; will be packing a few! Thanks!

  2. Comment by Emma

    Emma Reply 6 April 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Creative uses…I have now packed a few extras into my travel bag. Thanks Curly Girlies

  3. Comment by Kayt

    Kayt Reply 6 April 2017 at 11:39 am

    Shower cap & cardboard box = instant washing up bowl.

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