Riverside Relaxation

10 March 2015

DSC04275 (1280x694)Here we sit on the banks of the Duthawadi River (Hsipaw, Myanmar), sipping our freshly brewed lemon grass tea. We’ve found a friendly spot called the Black House Coffee Shop. It serves a range of teas, coffees & freshly made banana bread. The perfect place to just stop & be.

Relaxing here, there is nothing else to do but soak up river life …

  • Speedy long tail boats ferrying people up & down the river with their distinctive tractor sounds
  • Women bathing & washing their longi’s at the same time
  • Fishermen casting their nets. One poor chap was having boat problems … lost one of his poles while he was madly bailing out. It seems his boat sprung a leak & no amount of running repairs was going to keep him afloat. He was lucky enough to pole his way back to their river’s edge before his boat totally disappeared
  • 8 more women carrying big palm woven washing baskets on their heads arrived full to the brim. They sat in the river whacking their laundry with bamboo sticks pounding out the dirt & dust. Their thuds echoed from the distant bank
  • In the background we are serenaded by what sounds to be a very large frog who’s call was identical to that of the first ever computer game … PONG!
  • Swallows are skimming the water with movements similar to porpoises, swooping up a bevy of flies & gnats
  • Big brown butterflies flounced around the plants lining the river looking for suitable mates. Their leisurely pace unaffected by their limited life span!
  • Leaves from the nearby teak tree form a flotilla of mini rafts that move slowly at first & then accelerate as they are caught up by the fast flow of water
  • In the distance you could just make out the distinctive sight of 4 novice monks washing their robes & clowning around like regular kids … time out from their spiritual duties & Buddhist poise
  • Whilst on the bank opposite … cries of laughter as the children hurtle themselves into the water & each other … Their joy was contagious
  • Meanwhile, in front of me … a tiny spider sprints across a metal pole heated to the max by the midday sun

So much amusement … so easily overlooked!

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