Respite in Downtown Yangon

24 February 2015

Its 38C with 87% humidity
Sweat pools in every crevice
Dripping from every point on your body
You weave your way through the throngs of people
Mindful of the broken side walk
One wrong move will plunge you
Into the slightly stinky sewers

Everyone scrambles for the shady side of the street
So you’re all jostling for position
Traffic is heavy
So crossing the road is slow going
You squeeze through the bumper to bumper queues
Wary of burning exhaust pipes
And bubbling radiators spewing out steam
The noise from the city becomes invasive
Every honk reverberates through your head
There is little to no respite from the heat
AC units struggle to combat the climbing temperatures
Overloading the primitive power grid

You’ve been told of an oasis that might have free wifi
Not a common occurrence in downtown Yangon!
The thought of a cold fresh coconut quickens your pace
Your throat is parched from wandering endlessly
Looking for what now feels like a mirage
You look to the sky … cursing the sun
Then you see it … a sign two storeys up
‘The Rangoon Tea House’

You hardly notice your tired feet negotiating 2 flights of stairs
Then you feel it …
An icy cold wall of air conditioning
It throws you off balance
Momentarily you lose your bearings
Then your face breaks into the widest of grins
You’ve found a comfy cool sanctuary for the next 2 hours
Time to chillax
Refresh your legs
Collect your scattered thoughts
Ready for the afternoons adventure!

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