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17 September 2016

Ouch … sometimes the truth hurts!! We have a website with a fabulous gallery & some interesting & amusing blog posts that were written for our family & friends. So really we have a glorified photo album. Why would people come to visit when there is such a fabulous array of photography & blog links on Instagram!!

Taking part in Natalie Sissons 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge has pushed us to realise we have some wonderful content in our heads & laptops that will be of great value to travelers interested in Road Trips around the world. Whether its by car, bike or Tuk Tuk … these trips are what we love … and we can help others who are looking for similar experiences.

So the big question for us is … ‘how do we drive traffic to our website so people can engage & find valuable information?’ When you think about it, it’s a little overwhelming, so Day 7 – Overcoming Procrastination & Overwhelm … is the perfect opportunity for us to get focused & take action.

Natalie has suggested taking ‘imperfect action’ everyday to get us past the need for perfection. In coaching, we call this adopting the ‘GOOD … BETTER … BEST approach. For many people their default setting is ‘I must provide the best solution’! When, in actual fact, a good solution is enough to get started (a little like this great country shack!). Why build a Maserati when scooter will do? (Yes I know … I’d love a Maserati too!)

So what do we need to do? What ‘Imperfect Actions’ or Good options do we need to do each day to get traffic to our site? It’s all about experimentation & testing. The most important thing is to allow trial & error without taking the ‘flops’ to heart. We call that the beginners MINDSET … crawl, fall over, make mistakes, ask dumb questions as we learn to walk in a new area that is foreign to us … free of personal judgment. Very powerful!

DSC05349 (1280x499)

Lead Magnet

We need one & it needs to relate to our Niche … Road Trips around the world. We’ve brainstormed an ebook … Unique Discoveries by car, bike or Tuk Tuk. We’ve got some great pictures & sound bytes written which can be easily popped into an ebook using Canva. Then we just need to find a plug in that will capture email address & name & then provide the download. Initially we will create our own lead page before we sign up for something like Leadpages. So we can test the waters.

Call to Action & # Tags

Instagram is our social media of choice. This is where ‘imperfect actions’ play a vital role, testing what works & what doesn’t. Each day we can try different Calls to Action & rotate through different hashtags when we post. Then we will get a greater sense of what people respond too. One thing is for certain … we wont get it perfect first time round. Social Media is a continual work in progress … just like our lives!

Thanks again to Natalie for helping us face some home truths … great way to get you focused & moving. If you’d like to give it a go, you can join us here.

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