Painting Vivid Visions

13 September 2016

It’s Day 3 of Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge & we’re onto painting vivid visions. The exciting part of this is … we are already well on our way … permanent travel, no day to day routine or responsibilities other than the ones we choose, doing what we love … all this with with limited to no structured work! In fact this exercise helped us realise we were already living our ‘Perfect Day’. This realisation heightened our joy levels & popped an even bigger smile on our faces!

Our challenge going forward, is how to create a self sustaining freedom lifestyle that can enrich our lives whilst exploring / reviewing a variety of Road Trips with different travel partners. So its time to up the anti & get those imaginative juices flowing. Here’s where we’ve landed …


The first rays of morning light filter through the refurbished Kombi window. [We’re beach side, customising a 2 week coastal road trip sponsored by Volkswagen.] The fresh salty sea air teases your nostrils prompting you to draw deep breaths … in … out … in … out. You connect with your own energy flow as your feet touch the sand. Mesmerised by the morning magic … you feel the flow of energy move up through your feet, legs, spine, neck & head. It cycles through an infinity loop … powering you for the day. Your eyes devour the feast of colour before you sparking heartfelt thoughts & feelings that create silhouette moments in your mind. For Later capture on paper & film. Your soul stirs & you feel your intention & direction for the day. With a calm sense of knowing you dive into the waves … reveling as you float lazily feeling the support of the water that surrounds you.

Our day kicks off at a sea side shanty … freshly brewed coffee & a bunch of chit chat with the locals as we fuel up with a hearty breakfast of local delicacies.

Mornings are for exploring! Today we’re off to help with a local project … delivering library books to children in remote villages. Later in the week we are volunteering at a Rescue Bird Park & helping with some social media for the Green Iguana Project. Other days we are invited to explore, assist or review Unesco projects & a variety of National Parks / Sanctuaries.

Lunch stop is usually roadside rubbing shoulders with the locals. Then its off to source good wifi for afternoon catchups with sponsors, family & friends, send out our daily dose of inspiration on social media, research projects, edit & upload photographs, complete an ebook & do some free writing or blogging & editing.

Pre sunset signals ‘tools down’ & we gallop to find the best spot to watch the day finish in a blaze of glory. Come evening … its time to find a viby spot for some local music, wisdom & stories. Often we are invited into a family home for dinner or a local gathering celebrating part of their heritage.

Once a month we are sponsored by one of the local wellness centres to test drive a new program & experience their therapeutic services. This is the perfect time & space to reflect on our last road trip & rejuvenate for our next adventure.

We hope you enjoy our vivid vision as much as we do. If you would like to give it a go or join us, you can do so here.

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