P is for Plitvice Lakes Croatia

10 October 2016

A true hidden gem of this world, less than 2 hours from Zagreb. The stunning Plitvice Lakes has left the most vibrant collection of images in our minds. A feast for the eyes & natural nectar for the soul. Luscious lime green growth that pops against the bluest of blue waters.

IMG_3057 (1280x960)

16 Aqua blue lakes framed by lime green growth, waterfalls & travertine terraces.

DSC07467 (1280x710)

Idyllic habitats for wildlife. You’ll see an abundance of butterflies, birds, ducks, dragonflies, lizards, fish & the occasional baby bird.

DSC07213 (1280x477)

Treat for travellers …it’s a natural wonder and photographic paradise. With an early start you can experience the solace & silence of nature for a couple of hours before the buses arrive!

DSC07377 (1280x658)

Vibrant & virginal largely due to its UNESCO heritage listing. No swimming or fishing keeps the waters clear & fish plentiful.

DSC07144 (1280x575)

Iridescent & irresistible, the neon blue reflectors on the dragonflies woo you to get that perfect shot!

DSC07067 (1280x733)

Cascading Cool waters lazily meander through the lakes & down the waterfalls. The fine spray cools your skin & harmonises your soul.

DSC07266 (1280x633)

Evocative & enjoyable … these beautiful lakes touch your soul & leave you with a feeling of contentment, connectedness & wonderment … ah so therapeutic!


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