Long Haired Ladies of Longji

26 September 2016

Childlike legs
Scamper through the terraces
Loaded to the hilt
The Red Yao women
Are featherweight champions
Carrying 50 – 60 kgs
At any one time
They set a cracking pace
As they hike you to your hotel

Unassuming shoulders
Unburden by their load
Stand tall & proud
Their innate strength
A trademark of their heritage

With hair that matches their height
These Long haired women
Have superhuman strength
Unlike Samson
These endless locks are never cut
Worn like majestic crowns
All eyes are drawn to their lively faces

With respectful friendliness
They chatter away
Unperturbed by your lack of comprehension
You receive a botanical lesson
Snacking along the way
On wild strawberries & kiwi fruit look alikes

A remarkable experience
And beautiful way
To introduce us their home
The Jinkeng scenic area in the Longji Rice Terraces

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