It’s the Start that Matters

15 September 2016

When you’re on the road 24*7 … it can be a challenge to get things done. Whether its time, lack of wifi, not having a routine, being distracted by exciting adventures or just not having the right physical space … your excuses can pile up & get the better of you!

So when we read Day 5’s Challenge … ‘What do we need to do to set ourselves up for success?’ we were over the moon. Here’s what we found …

Morning Rituals

It’s the start that matters most!! Both of us have different morning rituals which are vital for us setting up the day with the right vibe. Upon waking, Gaye takes in nature through the window, has a little chat, grabs a coffee & settles into catching up with friends & family on social media. For me, its connect & run my energy, open my heart & feel my intention for the day, grab a cuppa & sit outside in nature watching the birds (or go for a run) & do some free writing before getting into social media & emails.

Power Hour

Hotel dwelling creates interesting routines. Breakfast is usually served 6-10am which gives us time for morning rituals & a Power Hour before we hit the road. This time is spent on operational stuff to keep our Freedom lifestyle rolling along.

Nurtured by Nature

Most days we are able to get to spend time in nature. Whether its meandering through a national park, hiking a mountain trail, watching hummingbirds around a bird feeder, spying monkeys in the jungle, taking in sunrise on a lake or having a cold beer / G&T as we watch the sun set. These times are precious for us both as they are the source of our inspiration. Mother Nature speaks her wisdom to us … through the camera lens for Gaye & through contemplation & writing for me. This connection individually & together is what fuels our souls & gives us meaning. Without it we get too caught up in our heads … worrying & fussing about things that aren’t important!

Cafe Creativity

Traveling as a couple means lots of time together …so its important that you get new & different input. We do this through volunteering as well as a daily dose of a good cafe / bar (when we can!!) Finding a vibey lively spot is good to get the creative juices going. Lots of opportunity for people watching & chatting. It’s here that we both find lots of good content … stories, pictures, insights, learnings & life lessons.

What’s the key to your success when you’re on the road 24 * 7? Let us know below.

If you would like to join us or find out more about Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge … click hereDSC05957 (1280x719)

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