International House Sitting – The Top 6 Questions we get Asked

3 August 2017

When people discover we’ve been traveling for 29 months they smile & usually ask the following questions…

How can you afford to travel for so long?

3 things give us the ability & liberty to travel long term …

  • We rent our home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Half the rent goes on the mortgage & the other half is for traveling. As long as we stay in cheap economies we could probably travel forever … yippee
  • House Sitting – Not only is it the most amazing way to explore & connect with local communities … it saves you thousands. Plus you get the added benefits of loving & caring for gorgeous animals & beautiful homes.
  • We can work from anywhere … that has wifi! Other than Cuba & China we have been able to continue our online coaching, photography & social media production work.

Isn’t it weird living in someone elses home … especially with all their personal stuff lying around?

It’s an honour for us to be chosen for to look after someone’s home & precious pets. It’s like an invitation to share their experience & life. We take great pride in being able to care for the things they love & return them in a better state than when we arrived. We have a great deal of respect for the home they have created … so being able to step in, mind & manage it for them will they are away is a total privilege for us.

How did you get started House Sitting?

We’ve always loved travel and both of our corporate roles included traveling and we always had a holiday planned for us to look forward too. We were talking to two of our good friends Nat & Jodie who had been house sitting for 3 years. They were telling us how fabulous it was … so suddenly a whole new world opened up for us.

Then we did some research on the Sydney rental market & were blown away by the rent we could get on our Northern Beaches home. We could afford to pay our mortgage & travel overseas if we factor in house sitting to keep our accommodation costs low. Soo… why not?

Where do you find your House Sitting gigs?

When we started we would look after friend’s properties when they went away, this helped us build a CV and now we use platforms such as or and just recently  We belong to a handful of Facebook House Sitting support groups where referrals are passed among experienced community members.

What type of house sits have you experienced?

Some of the extraordinary house sits we have experienced are …

  • Currently we are doing a 3 month sit in rural Galicia Spain. This is our 2nd sit here. It’s a beautiful 300 year old fully restored Spanish Manor including vineyard, rescue donkeys & livestock
  • Living off grid on the side of a volcano on Lake Atitlan Guatemala where the only access was by boat
  • Overseeing a Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) plantation in the jungle of Belize Central America – being surrounded by howler monkeys, toucans, hummingbirds, kinkajous, giant green iguanas, scorpions, tarantulas & poisonous vipers
  • Living like a local on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul Turkey – having a safe haven to return to after our daily explorations of the exotic but sometimes unstable life in Istanbul
  • Exploring the sublime beaches & diving of Mahe Island Seychelles

What type of animals do you look after? What’s been the most unusual?

We love animals of any kind so it’s always a joy to meet up with some new friends. We have looked after many beautiful dogs and cats, each with their own distinctive personalities.

Farm and off-grid properties have given us the opportunity to raise lambs and ducklings as well as tend to rescue donkeys, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits. Sits in the jungle of Central America have given us the opportunity to feed hummingbirds, kinkajous, toucans, iguanas and howler monkeys as well as befriending scorpions, tarantulas and an array of other hairy critters.



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