Since being on the road with Gaye 24*7 I’ve discovered her quest for life … to stay connected … on social media that is. IMG_2423If there is free wifi to be had she will find it! From free city hotspots, phone booths, hacking into car hire routers, skimming off bus charter services, using her sweet smile to access someone’s mobile phone hotspot, collecting passwords & walking slowly along the pavement to download emails or access google maps … she finds a way!

On the weekends & evenings the extended Seychellois families make their way down to the water’s edge to relax, swim, eat & dance the day & night away. The sound of laughter from the kids frolicking in the warm waters brings a contagious smile to your face. Prompting memories of your own childhood days … carefree & playful. If you’re tuned in to these antics, it evokes a playfulness in your own soul … urging you to seek adventure, delight & wonderment.

Perched on a stool mesmerised by the cacophony of sound & action of one of the many busy corner cafes in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. The busyness makes you feel happening & alive. Watching the chaotic movement of bikes, cars & people strangely enough has a calming affect … you realise there is an underlying order & flow to the apparent madness!

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls” Anais Nin

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Nothing like a hike up the mountain in Tavan (Sapa Vietnam) to get your heart pumping & your legs moving. The reward … your head above the clouds & the most amazing reflection shots of the curvy rice terraces.

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Bath + Stove Top + Washing Machine = Bliss.
After months on the road … sometimes it’s the simple things that make you feel happy & alive. These 3 things bring us constant joy when we have the opportunity to either house sit or take an apartment. Who ever thought domestic duties would be DELIGHTFUL & a welcome choice!

Hiking in Hong Kong … WT?
Fill your lungs with fresh air, rub shoulders with nature (not people) & drink in some of the most amazing views of HK Island. The Dragon’s Back walking trail is the hike that keeps on giving … 3.5 hours with your head in the misty low clouds (what happened to the quoted 2 hours?). Fabulous contrast to the densely populated & high rise skyline of Hong Kong. After that we refuelled with some of the tastiest local food down in Shek – O village.

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Exploring & getting lost the back streets of any of the Old Towns we have visited is a must for us. Having the time to see how people go about their day to day gives us a greater appreciation for our own lives & for the shared moments & curb side wisdom we get to experience.

With the wind in your face plus the thrill of riding a motor bike … you feel free as a bird. Just don’t get carried away in the moment & lose track of speed & corners like Gaye did … otherwise it’s a rude awakening … ouch!


“I’m walking on Sunshine” (Katrina & the Waves) … there’s no mistake … those magical early morning sunrises set you up to float through the day … “and don’t it feel good”.

Our Myanmar (Burma) trip was a once in a lifetime experience. To have the opportunity to experience this country before the tourism boom takes hold is amazing. We feel privileged having been welcomed with open arms into these Burmese communities especially some of the restricted areas up north where westerners are not the norm.

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