Freedom is a Lifestyle

11 September 2016

With 19 months travel & house sitting under our belts … freedom is definitely a lifestyle for us now.

People always ask us ‘How will we cope when we go back home?’ The truth be known … the world is now our home & roaming from country to country … is our new norm.

To continue this new lifestyle indefinitely we need to adjust our income model. This is where Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge comes in. We saw this as the perfect catalyst to help shift our focus & launch us headlong into finding new & interesting ways to fund our freedom lifestyle. Day 1 is all about Finding your Focus.

When we sat down to identify the top 3 challenges holding us back we were surprised & delighted at how easy the process was. Traveling together 24 *7 leaves you nowhere to hide so it forces you to get to the heart of the matter pretty quickly. Which brings us to our top challenge … our relationship.

The More we Grew … The Less We Knew!

We left Sydney solid as a rock with 18 years of being together. What we didn’t expect … was for our whole relationship to be turned upside down & inside out! So much so … we were at the point of dividing our assets!

Travel is a brilliant teacher. We were both growing at great rates but in different directions. The more we grew … the less we knew … about each other. This became unsettling & was extremely difficult to manage our relationship as we had become very different people. None of the past expectations, patterns or behavoiurs as a couple worked for us anymore.

It was a crazy heart wrenching time for us, experiencing some of the best & worst times simultaneously. With this uncertainty over our heads … exploring new joint income opportunities was the last thing on our minds. Rediscovering the love & appreciation in our new forms was our top priority. We did this through being totally open hearted & focusing on our similarities (vs our differences) & why we loved each other.

Glorified Gallery vs Knowing our Niche

The travel blog market is saturated & competitive. Finding our niche was eluding us … we were getting caught up on what potential readers would want rather than starting with what we love to do & what’s fun to write about. When we took this approach we realised Road Trips were both a love & a specialty of ours …so the Self Drive market is where we are headed … yippee!


Deer in the Headlights

One of the areas we would love to leverage is referral / affiliate income from travel partners. Fear of the unknown & doing things for the first time managed to both stun & stall us for different reasons. For Gaye, it was understanding the ‘how to’ aspect in an area that is foreign & gobbledygook! For me, it was getting it right as well as developing commitments that would lock us in & eat into our freedom life style.

Our solution for this is divide & conquer around what we each enjoy doing … Gaye with her travel consulting background can choose & work with the partners. Whilst my finance & business background will research the affiliate programs … easy peasy!

The Finding your Focus exercise has been extremely clarifying & validating for both of us. It has helped to align our direction & juice up our intention. If you would like to experience the same … join us here.



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