Flip Flops That Inspire

5 December 2016

Traveling gives you great exposure to so many wonderful social enterprise efforts around the globe. Every day we see examples of how one person CAN make a BIG difference … especially when the cause is near & dear to their hearts.

As part of our travel adventures we would like to create awareness & help support some of these fabulous ventures that are impacting the lives of those less fortunate.

Did you know … over 300 million kids around the world have no shoes … No shoes means no education due to the high risk of foot disease!

Our first great cause that we have joined forces with is Moeloco … they donate 1 pair of school shoes for every pair of flip flops (‘thongs’ as we call them in Australia) sold. So if you love flip flops, inspirational messages & helping kids get educated … this product is for you … read on!

Why is Moeloco such a good ‘fit’ for us … pardon the pun!

Inspirational Footsteps – every flip flop is designed to INSPIRE. Positive messages of love, happiness & peace are imprinted on both sides of the shoe so your foot steps will literally inspire others. Imagine your local beach covered with … ‘Live Love’, ‘I’m Happy’, ‘Dream Crazy’, ‘I am grateful’ … think of the impact this can have on thousands of people.

Helping Kids Get Educated – every country we visit we volunteer or do something to help support the local children get better educated. Moeloco through their association with the Hope Foundation in Calcutta India has changed the lives of 4,720 orphans living in poverty by giving them the opportunity to access education.

We Love Wearing Comfy Flip Flops – being beach girls we love our flip flops … in fact Gaye has worn hers nonstop for the entire 688 days we’ve been traveling … even -36c below in Moscow! We’re both looking forward to receiving our Moeloco’s for Christmas. We’ll be inspiring Cuba (our next stop) with every step of our journey!

Entrepreneurs Can Have BIG Social Impact – Entrepreneurs have the ability to change the world & humanity. We see this everywhere we go … Guatemala, China, Vietnam, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco … enterprising individuals filled with passion, purpose, courage & conviction. They are making a difference to their families, community & country. Kathy Wong, the founder of Moeloco is one such person. The Moeloco brand means ‘dream crazy’ … We share her crazy dream to harness the power of entrepreneurship to make a positive difference to the world.

Support Local – Funny how we’ve travelled to the other side of the world only to discover a wonderful cause that’s run from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. As North Curl Curl girlies we had to laugh when we discovered Moeloco was based in Dee Why, our sister suburb … it is a small world.


Let’s all ‘Dream Crazy ‘ & harness the power of entrepreneurship to make a positive difference to the world.

We’re so excited to be joining the Moeloco tribe as Ambassadors. Stay tuned to our blog, gallery & Instagram as we have some fun helping spread the Moeloco message in words & pics!

If you would like to take inspirational steps in your own Moeloco flip flops … shop here and don’t forget to enter our code Curlies in the coupon section or you can read more of their story here.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment below … What inspirational words would you like to leave in the sand?

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