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A Sacred Ritual … Giving of Alms

It’s a 4.45am start as we drag our sleepy bodies from our polyester sheets. A quick splash of water & we don our sinhs and sashes, grabbing our offerings on the way out. We’re off to give Alms to the Buddhist monks, a scared ritual & age old tradition in the Heritage listed town of […]

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A Great Start to the Day…

An early morning run through the meandering streets of Luang Prabang always landed me in the morning markets. From 5am the chit chat of locals exchanging stories & selling their fresh produce. I never tired of this scene … I could wander for hours taking in the sights while listening to their banter … not […]

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Balance and Bamboo Bridges

It’s definitely a balancing act as you scramble across the seemingly fragile bamboo bridges that connect Luang Prabang with its local villages.  The novice monks make it look easy. Barefoot they glide across without a sidewise glance.  Unlike us Westerners, we grip on for dear life with unsure footing, our minds scurrying faster than our […]

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