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18 September 2016

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Fun, adventure & playfulness is an important part of every day for us. Whether its cheeky banter with the locals, family, friends or each other. Smiling, being light hearted, having a laugh … are all important aspects of feeling good about life & yourself.

Building adventure into your day is vital for growth … its exciting, it gets the adrenalin going, pushes you out of your comfort zone & into your courage zone. Without it we wouldn’t know what courage looks like!

Adventure is different for different people. For some … its base jumping, for others it could be exploring a new foodie neighborhood. For us, most days have an element of newness & adventure. Even when we are house sitting in a foreign land … its full of adventure. Right now we are looking after a home in the jungle of Belize. Not only is it like living in a zoo with howler monkeys, Kinkajous, Toucans etc, we are looking after a Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Plantation. Both are adventures in their own right!

Today’s challenge, set by Natalie Sisson in her 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge, is to go on a mini adventure. We’ve chosen to go ‘bush bashing’ in the 4WD & seek out some Mayan ruins at the same time. Jumping in the car & getting out & about is always an adventure for us. When you have your own car you can experience so much more of the real culture of the country. You can get amongst it & really see how the locals live.

Today we ventured off to find the Xunantunich Mayan ruins. Not only did we get to experience these wondrous creations but we also had a fabulous one car ferry crossing that was all done by a hand winch. Another highlight was turning down a rugged track that rocked & jolted you out of your seat. Only to find a fabulous Mennonite settlement at Upper Barton Creek. This community is similar to the old order Armish however they are from Russian descent. Their farms are fabulous & its fun to wave & see them loading their horse & carts with fresh produce for the markets.

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Both of us love seeing how different cultures & communities live. It fuels your curiosity & sates your hunger for discovery. Most importantly it opens your heart & mind through understanding & compassion. This can only lead us down the path to love & acceptance vs the darker path of judgment, hate & conflict.

So adventure for us is a combination of exploring natural & ancient wonders, mingling & living like a local, doing a road trip or traveling 3rd class on buses & trains. We also like to get our adrenal hit from diving, hot air ballooning, zip lining, motor bike ventures & the like.

Let us know below what adventure looks like for you.

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