Balance and Bamboo Bridges

23 March 2014

DSC00783 (2) (1280x780)

It’s definitely a balancing act as you scramble across the seemingly fragile bamboo bridges that connect Luang Prabang with its local villages.  The novice monks make it look easy. Barefoot they glide across without a sidewise glance.  Unlike us Westerners, we grip on for dear life with unsure footing, our minds scurrying faster than our feet.  Consumed by ‘what if’s’ and gloomy scenarios of plunging into the murky Mekong.

There is a metaphor for life here … trust, be present, take a deep breath and let go.

There is much to learn from the locals of Luang Prabang … each year they build their bamboo bridges only to be washed away in times of flood. There are no regrets or resistance … rebuilding is part of the seasonal flow of life. Their acceptance of their reality removes any emotional or mental struggle … something we can all aspire to.

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