Are You Ready to Work From Anywhere?

18 September 2016

How would you like to work from here? Pretty inspirational!

Twenty months on the road has taught us to be location independent.  We can now work from anywhere, even here, the fabulous Roman Temple of Evora Portugal.

What if you were offered a working holiday in Portugal … how would you balance work & play in your day? That was the question Natalie Sisson posed for us on Day 9 of the 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge.

We find, when we live like a local, we become more inspired & creative. This makes working easier. We still have to juggle a bunch of challenges though! Here’s our top 5 …

* distractions … the sun is shining & there is so much exploring too be done
* lack of routine
* unreliable wifi
* small hotel rooms that are not conducive to working
* committing to client sessions when you don’t know where you’ll be next week

Here’s how we work around these issues …

Immersion for Inspiration – plunge into the culture, wander through the ruins, see whats on offer … do a bunch of fun things guilt free. This will spark your imagination & inspiration, allowing your work to flow more naturally. Just like the ancient engineers of some of the greatest Roman Temples … allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings!

Map out some time – once you have a sense of the different adventures you want to get involved with, map out your time for work around these

Be clear on what you need to get done – Fuzzy unfocused thoughts are going to lead you down the path of distraction & procrastination. Apply the Rule of 3 – what are the 3 things you need to do today … then do them!

Work when your fresh & inspired – for me … thats in the morning after my morning ritual & some creativity time

Get a local sim card with data – Hot spot off your local sim & you’ll always have wifi

Secure a house sit – this gives you great physical space & also a block of time to schedule client interactions & work on your bigger projects with strong wifi

Bundle your work – we do a stack of Instagram posts which we do in batches. So when you’re on the fly its quick & easy to post

Blend work & play with sponsors or local groups – get in touch with local groups that can connect you, give you insights, help you with your products

Once you shift your mindset to … ‘yes I can work from anywhere!’ It’s time to be honest with your excuses. Overwhelm them with crisp clear focus & nothing will get in your way!

Thanks again Natalie … its been another great insightful exercise. If you’d like to join us … click here.

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  1. Comment by Susan

    Susan Reply 20 October 2016 at 6:07 pm

    I’m new to your site, and would love to learn more. So you are working as you travel? Can I ask what sort of jobs you have that enable you to do it?
    Hubby and I would love to travel more, but we don’t have savings so would need to earn as we go. We’ve tried so many of these earn online things/schemes/courses etc that it’s mind boggling, but none of them have earned us a dime, just cost us money. We’re so desperate 🙁

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