A Great Start to the Day…

25 March 2014

fruit shakesAn early morning run through the meandering streets of Luang Prabang always landed me in the morning markets. From 5am the chit chat of locals exchanging stories & selling their fresh produce. I never tired of this scene … I could wander for hours taking in the sights while listening to their banter … not understanding a word they said but their intentions where clearly conveyed through their gestures & facial expressions. After this cultural fill … I would race off to meet Gaye at the Fruit shake ladies …. For some, its not a simple life, our favourite fruit shake lady had a family and 3 children. She started her stall at 4.30am and finished at 10pm every night, but every time we saw her, she had a smile on her face. Her eldest daughter helped her in the stall. Her two youngest busied themselves around the market area.

Don’t fight reality!

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