September 2016


Long Haired Ladies of Longji

Childlike legs Scamper through the terraces Loaded to the hilt The Red Yao women Are featherweight champions Carrying 50 – 60 kgs At any one time They set a cracking pace As they hike you to your hotel Unassuming shoulders Unburden by their load Stand tall & proud Their innate strength A trademark of their […]

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Time to Celebrate & Reflect

Wow what an action packed 10 days its been on the Freedom Plan Blog Challenge. A big thank you to Natalie Sisson for putting together such an awesome kick starter program. A second big thank you to our friends at who put us onto the challenge … brilliant! So many insights & realisations in […]

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Are You Ready to Work From Anywhere?

How would you like to work from here? Pretty inspirational! Twenty months on the road has taught us to be location independent.  We can now work from anywhere, even here, the fabulous Roman Temple of Evora Portugal. What if you were offered a working holiday in Portugal … how would you balance work & play […]

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Build Play Into Your Day

Fun, adventure & playfulness is an important part of every day for us. Whether its cheeky banter with the locals, family, friends or each other. Smiling, being light hearted, having a laugh … are all important aspects of feeling good about life & yourself. Building adventure into your day is vital for growth … its […]

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Reality Check

Ouch … sometimes the truth hurts!! We have a website with a fabulous gallery & some interesting & amusing blog posts that were written for our family & friends. So really we have a glorified photo album. Why would people come to visit when there is such a fabulous array of photography & blog links […]

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It’s the Start that Matters

When you’re on the road 24*7 … it can be a challenge to get things done. Whether its time, lack of wifi, not having a routine, being distracted by exciting adventures or just not having the right physical space … your excuses can pile up & get the better of you! So when we read […]

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Painting Vivid Visions

It’s Day 3 of Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge & we’re onto painting vivid visions. The exciting part of this is … we are already well on our way … permanent travel, no day to day routine or responsibilities other than the ones we choose, doing what we love … all this […]

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Travel is the Path to Freedom

Day 2 of Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge is all about finding your WHY. We started with reflecting on … What lights us up, energisers us, speaks to our souls & makes our hearts sing. Here’s what we found … Downsizing, packing up & renting our home was the most liberating experience […]

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Freedom is a Lifestyle

With 19 months travel & house sitting under our belts … freedom is definitely a lifestyle for us now. People always ask us ‘How will we cope when we go back home?’ The truth be known … the world is now our home & roaming from country to country … is our new norm. To […]

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