February 2015


Respite in Downtown Yangon

Its 38C with 87% humidity Sweat pools in every crevice Dripping from every point on your body You weave your way through the throngs of people Mindful of the broken side walk One wrong move will plunge you Into the slightly stinky sewers Everyone scrambles for the shady side of the street So you’re all […]

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Beautiful Burmese Culture

The moment we stepped foot in Myanmar (Burma) we knew it would be special. The airport was calm, immigration officers smiled & laughed as we were ushered into a world of the past. Myanmar is on the cusp of an avalanche of tourism but having spent the last 4 weeks with these beautiful people I […]

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Paradise … Place or Feeling?

Paradise … Is it a place we visit or a feeling that emanates from within? Is it the … Crystal clear aqua blue waters that lap your freshly painted toes Soft white sand that that supports you on your morning run or walk Brilliant sunsets that blow your mind with colour Illuminous intimacy of sunrise […]

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