12 Magical Moments in Myanmar

19 March 2015

We had so many magical moments in Myanmar … it was hard to choose our top 12 …

  1. Selfies with the village kids outside Hsipaw … they had never seen a camera before!
  2. Drinking in the first rays of sunrise on our own private pagoda in Bagan
  3. Marvelling at the one legged rowers on Inle Lake12 mm 1
  4. Helping the children learn their English alphabet and numbers
  5. Mingling with the locals in their early morning markets (Nampan Inle lake & Hsipaw were our favourites)
  6. Sunset on the Irrawaddy watching the locals ferry themselves, their bikes & anything possible from the banks of Bagan12 mm 4
  7. Eating freshly cooked potato crisps straight from the street stalls in downtown Yangon
  8. Biking the dirt roads of Inle Lake & Bagan … being invited in for meals or to help out with the family run business (sugar cane, ice making, melon growing, jewellery making)
  9. Eating like a local … curry sets in Hsipaw, tea leaf salads in Bagan, fresh fish fried or steamed in Inle Lake, mohinga soup in Yangon12 mm 2
  10. Hearing the melodic tones of the novice nuns singing their blessings to each store owner in return for a donation
  11. Meandering through the floating gardens of Inle Lake … watching the locals weeding the water from their dugout canoes
  12. Bumpy bus rides, day & night, giving you a great perspective of local life & the ever changing landscape … rivers, lakes, rice paddies, mountains, forests & dusty sandy riversides12 mm 3
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